Five books to enjoy or gift this holiday season

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The holiday breaks are approaching, and with the season comes the need to wind down and enjoy entertainment content. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, a good book can help create that coziness feeling.
We put together a list of the season’s trendiest books that you or a loved one can enjoy, depending on your interests.

1. The love story

Who doesn’t love a good love story ? In Royal Holiday, Jasmine Guillory recounts a whirlwind romance with a whimsical holiday season as its framework.

2 The “new year, new me” book

As the year is ending, many of us will look to better ourselves for the upcoming one. Good self-help books are a good way to reflect on ourself, without seeming like a “how-to” guide. “The art of making memories : How to create and remember happy moments” helps to reader understand life satisfaction and how happiness, well-being and quality of life can contribute to it.

3. The perfect gift for the TV fanatic

Many TV shows storylines are adapted from books. A thoughtful gesture can be to gift the book version of someone’s favorite show. But you can also put a spin on this gift, and find a book that is complementary to a show they enjoy. With the release of a new season of “The Crown”, many fans will enjoy a table book that explores the show subjects and completes the narrative with historic facts and context. The Crown : the official companion, volume 2: Political scandal, personal struggle and the years that defined Elizabeth II is written by the show’s historical consultant about the period portrayed in seasons 2 and 3.

4. The perfect gift for the movie fanatic

Many books adaptation are also coming to the big screen. One of those classic is “Little Women”. Whether you are looking to introduce someone to the story or to find a thoughtful gift for someone who already enjoyed the story, a special edition of the book is a nice collectable gift.

5. The perfect gift for the non-reader
Carrying a book or an e-book around isn’t for everyone. Some lifestyles simply don’t allow enough time to read. Audiobooks are a good way to enjoy books without freeing up time for it. Whether it’s on your commute, at the gym or at work, you can listen to this medium directly on your smartphone. A subscription to apps like Audible or Kobo can be a gift that is more used than a physical book copy.

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