Why do we get FOMO from Black Friday? 

Since last Friday, many Canadians have been shopping for good deals taking advantage on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week deals. In a year that has been unprecedented, shopping and the black friday experience, also got the 2020 treatment. 

While the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period comes from the American Thanksgiving long weekend, the major sales and frenzy around this time has moved up to Canada for over. Last year, the Friday sales event surpassed Boxing Day as the day most Canadians intend to shop for good deals (Retail Council of Canada).

Most of the big online retailers such as Amazon,  have seen an important spike in this year’s sales. In Canada, Shopify saw sales of $5.1 billion (USD) from all of the merchants selling on their online platform. Canadian outspent the rest of the world over the sales weekend, with a $103 average order, while the worldwide order average was at $89.20.

Usually, this period brings early and long lineups. But in a year where almost everything moved online, shopping also followed suit. According to a behavioral scientist, it’s less about making sure to lock down a good deal, but more about the psychological and social benefits that taking part in such an event can bring an individual. Sales holidays directly feed into retail therapy, and the feeling isn’t necessarily the same with online shopping (although it still answers some of the components).

In a year where most of our normalcy has been taken away or flipped upside down, wanting to hold on to social norms can feel recorfortting and letting them go can induce our FOMO.

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