Will COVID-19 have long term effects on how we work?

Photo by Burst on Unsplash

According to a recent study by the Angus Reid Institute, more than two-thirds of Canadians expect to continue working from home once this pandemic is over and only one out of three Canadians currently working remotely expect to go back to pre-COVID office hours. Will Covid-19 have long term impacts on how we work?

It seems like this pandemic could have many long-term effects on the way we work. Indeed, working remotely is now something that most Canadians would like to do. Although more than 85% of Canadians wish to have the option to work from home once this is over, some are against the idea. According to Zabeen Hirji, a Future of Work adviser, some people feel that in a remote environment, they are less productive, and they would miss in-person interactions with their colleagues. According to Zabeen Hirji, one potential solution could be to have a mixed work schedule, where workers could split their workweek between in-office and remote hours. That way, it will not be as lonely as working from home daily and employees will be able to interact in real life.
Although it seems like some negative impacts of working from home might have a solution, finding a job would be harder. Partially because of the impact the virus had on the economy, but also because the pool of candidates will be larger and the competition tougher.

In short, the social distancing measures taken to protect us against Covid-19 could have an important and long-term impact on the work schedules of many Canadians, long after the pandemic is over.

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