Why do Millennials job-hop so much?

Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash

Since 2015, Millennials make up the majority of the Canadian workforce. Like every generation, ours brings its unique characteristics and challenges to the workplace. One of the biggest labels we get is the lack of loyalty that Millennials have to their employers. More commonly, Millennials are accused of “job-hopping”.

Job-hopping refers to going from one job to another, one company to another frequently without any attachment to an organization. A popular opinion is that Millennials easily get bored, and therefore quickly change jobs. A Gallup report titled “How Millennials Want to Work and Live” found that 21% of Millennials have changed jobs in the last year and that around 50% plan to still be working their current job in a year (while this percentage climbs to 60% for non-millennials).

But why do Millennials have become the “Job-Hopping” generation? Millennials grew up in a different social climate than previous generations and don’t seem to content themselves of what previous generations did. As a generation, we seem to value the satisfaction our job brings us more than previous ones. Some of the elements leading to our satisfaction are opportunities to learn and grow, a sense of purpose, high-quality management and chances of advancement that a position brings us.

So while Millennials seem to be less loyal to their current positions and organizations, this myth can be challenged by the fact that this generation is more able to pick and choose more fulfilling jobs, compared to the climate older workers found themselves in.

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