Easy sustainable practices that are easy to include in your lifestyle

Photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash

For many millennials, sustainability has become a major issue that drives consumption and life decisions. Many of us want to do our part, but don’t know where to start and might feel intimidated by big waste-free or sustainability movements. The sustainability movement is based on three principles: social, economic and environmental, its goal being reducing our negative impact for future generations. Here are three simple ways you can start implementing sustainable practices, without feeling overwhelmed.

Reusable products
A very simple and accessible way to reduce our consumption is to use as many reusable product as possible. Whether it’s water bottles, straws, fabric shopping bags or cotton pads there are now very affordable and reusable options.

Sustainable fashion
Finding sustainable fashion brands is getting easier and easier. By choosing this type of fashion, you can help minimize the impact that clothes production have on human conditions and the environment.
You can learn more about it and discover local Montreal brands here.

For those of us who are able to implement transport changes in our lifestyle, Montreal is becoming more and more accessible to help its residents live more sustainability. Even if just a couple of times a week, choosing bike-sharing our public transport are little steps that can make a difference.

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