The 5 wellness trends that shaped the last decade

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

This decade has seen many trends come and go. The wellness industry, in particular, has been home to many of those, whether good or bad. We explore five of the trends that defined the 2010s.

Detox Teas :
This product is a great representation of the 2010s, as it embodies the health craze with the instant gratification that defined this decade. It promised to clean your body from toxins and in many cases improve your health. Quickly, many users realized that it simply helped expel water weight and that it didn’t have a significant effect on health. Since 2015, this trend has expanded and started being marketed on social platforms by influencers.

Activated Charcoal :
Even though charcoal was around before this decade, it’s use has diversified in the last couple of years. From toothpaste and skincare to infusing it in drinks, activated charcoal became one of those “it” ingredients in the last couple of years. This trend is one that has some positive effects to it, as charcoal is good to trap toxins and can be used effectively in various forms. But like any trend, it blew up and started popping up in everything.

This one is a trend that has polarized reactions. Vaping and E-Cigarettes started becoming popular in the last two years. They were marketed as a healthier alternative for cigarette smokers and added a fun element by offering various flavors. As it is still a young phenomenon, there isn’t enough long term research done and a lot of future effects can not yet be predicted.

This year, juices have become a major part of the alimentation wing of wellness. From celery juice to juice cleanses, many have adopted it. Although juices are not better than eating the whole fruit or vegetable, it can be a quick and efficient way to consume nutrients or add specific aliments to your diet.

CBD (Cannabidiol) has been on everyone’s lips recently. It is found in many forms; oil, gummies and even infused CBD tampons. Its popularity is directly linked to its benefits, the main ones being pain and anxiety relief.

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