Why Millennials have a hard time reaching a work-life balance.

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Although Millennials are a pretty broad generation, that spans about 20 years, older generations tend to view us as only young adults. Previous generations tend to refer to as Millennials as young adults who are still in school and who do not have all the responsibilities “real adults” have.
Yet Millennials, including those who are undergrad and graduate students, feel like they have a lot (if not too much) on their plate. While baby boomers and those who belong to generation X brought the need for work-life balance, Millennials are adapting it to their reality.
For this generation, work-life balance is a bit different, given that we spend more time in school, wait longer to stabilize our careers and get married and have kids later and less than our parents and grand-parents. Most of our 20s are spent trying to build a stable future, relating to our careers, relationships and financial situation.
Student Millennials have to find a balance between their personal life, their studies and often a student job (to pay their bills and/or build up their resume). This often leads to a constant feeling of exhaustion, due to a lack of overall sleep hours, but also good quality sleep.
Millennials are also the “hustle” generation, working more and/or various jobs. The reality of this hustle varies for everyone, but this “hustle” mindset combined with the generational trend of always thriving for perfection makes a sustainable balance almost impossible to reach.
This makes our reality work-life balance might not be as clearly labelled and easily separated as the original concept

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