The Top 5 unforgettable moments from “L’heure de Vérité”

1. The voting revelation
After the finale’s results, the public’s reaction to the winners was very divided. During this special, we learned that Trudy & Math won over Claudie & Mathieu by 1.33%.

2. Karl felt abandoned by Kiari and Mathieu
This special also allowed Karl to confront Kiari and Mathieu. Throughout the season, these three candidates formed an alliance, they all had to go to the finale together. Towards the end of the season, Karl felt abandoned by his friends. He explains that for him, his friends are like his family. He confronts Kiari, who according to him had abandoned him to “please his girlfriend” and says that he was hurt because of that. He also lets Mathieu know that he does not believe in his relationship.

3. Camille reflects on her OD experience
Camille, nicknamed “the witch” by viewers, told us about her return to Quebec, while public opinion was not in her favour. She explains that the public’s reception of her experience hurt her family (who received hate messages). She also admits to having “lost control” when she fell in love with Louis.

4. Mathieu vs Kevin
As mentioned in our recap of the season, Kevin would have whispered to Mathieu that they will have to talk during “L’heure de Vérité”. Kevin decided to opt for a t-shirt with the inscription “vidange” (garbage), referring to an insult of Mathieu towards him. Their reunion was one of the most anticipated moments. Mathieu seemed to indicate some regrets and his desire to rebuild his image in the eyes of Quebec. However, several viewers have found that he should have apologized directly to Kevin.

5. Rym and Chris’ reunion
This special also allowed Rym and Chris to discuss their experience. Chris admitted he still had feelings for Rym, who wasn’t as receptive to this deceleration ad thought his song was “marketing shot”. The exchange got so tense that Chris walked off set before Jay du Temple was able to convince him to finish the reunion.

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