Millennials and relationships

When it comes to relationships, millennials are significantly different from previous generations. In 10 years, the rate of singles from this generation went from 52% to 64%. Unlike previous generations, those born between 1980 and 2000 are less likely to marry in their twenties. Why is this generation so different than previous ones in terms of romantic relationships?

While previous generations (like our parents and grandparents) followed more structured steps (studies, job, marriage, kids), it is possible to notice that millennials challenge this norm. According to psychologist Jennifer B. Rhodes, marriage is not perceived as a necessity for this generation, but rather a luxury. A large number of Millennials decide to wait longer to commit themselves to a relationship, choosing instead to focus their time and energy to create a stable lifestyle, prioritizing their career and finances.

In addition to living in a society with different realities from previous generations, Millennials also grew up with the norm of divorce. Thus, many have acquired the opinion that the majority of marriages end in divorce.

There is also this phobia, to commit to a relationship with the wrong person. With the preponderance of dating apps, an abundance of choices is offered, so why commit now with a person if there is this possibility that a better fit is only one swipe away?

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