Three  simple tips for a safe back to school for your kid

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, children had to do online school to complete their school year, but now that Quebec flattened its COVID-19 curve, and that children statistically transmit the virus less than adults, the government has opted for an in-person back-to-school. Here are three simple tips to ensure a safe back-to-school for kids amid the pandemic.

1. Follow the public health rules and guidelines given by the Quebec government
Following the public health rules and guidelines given by the government is the most important tip. Although our government opted for an in-person back-to-school, certain measures were put in place to limit the virus propagation. If your child is in high school, face-covering is mandatory in the school bus and all school areas, except when seated in the classroom. Furthermore, they will have to wear a face mask in their classroom if students from a different group are present. 

In elementary school, he will only have to wear a face mask if he is in grade five or six. For both, high-schoolers and elementary school students, hygiene is be very important as frequent hand-washing or hand-sanitizing (when soap and water are inaccessible), will become compulsory.

2. Keep teaching your kids how to be safe
Parents must keep teaching kids how to be safe and take precautions as the pandemic is not over. Insisting on the importance of sneezing, coughing and yawning into their elbow, as well as washing their hands frequently, keeping a social distance and disinfecting surfaces is primordial.

3. Be there and stay alert
Making sure that your child feels comfortable enough that he could let you know if he’s concerned is important. Check daily if your child has a fever, a cough, is experiencing difficulty breathing, a loss of smell or nasal congestion. If any of these symptoms, alert the school right away. 

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