Five ways you can help during the COVID-19 pandemic

It’s important to help one another during these difficult times. Here are 5 ways Canadians can do their part and help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Donate supplies
Essential workers, such as medical personnel, pharmacy workers, and grocery stores’ employees, are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. Although they are risking their lives by exposing themselves to the virus, some don’t have basic supplies, such as face masks, due to its shortage. If you want to help and donate certain supplies, click here.

2. Volunteer at an organization
Recently, prime minister Justin Trudeau announced that students who volunteer and serve their communities would be eligible to receive up to 5000$ for their education during the fall 2020 semester, via the new Canada Student Service Grant. There are tons of ways you can volunteer, click here to find out where volunteers are needed in Quebec.

3. Participate in clinical trials
If you already have COVID-19, you can help researchers find a cure by participating in a clinical trial. Here is a list of all COVID-19 clinical trials that are authorized by Health Canada. Furthermore, some Canadians are purposely getting infected with the virus to help researchers find a vaccine more efficiently, but this specific way of helping raises ethical concerns.

4. Contribute by working at a CHSLD
Quebec’s CHSLD situation is devastating. According to Quebec’s premier François Legault, there will be thousands of deaths in those facilities. Furthermore, with the extent of the crisis, there is a lack of personnel, and that does not help the situation. If you wish to help and work at a CHSLD, you can apply here.

5. Keep social distancing
With summer around the corner, it is tempting to meet our friends and family members that we don’t live with. Although keeping a 6 feet physical distance seems reasonable, it will not help us stop the spread of the virus. According to Dr. Maria Ciminelli, intense social distancing is what’s needed to flatten the curve. Unless it’s for an essential trip outside the home where we keep a 6 feet physical distance, we should not meet people we don’t live with.

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