New wave of sexual harassment charges in Quebec

In the past few days, a new wave of accusations of sexual harassment (similar to the #metoo movement) has emerged within the Quebec artistic community. While the Quebec cultural community has been criticized in the past, this wave seems different with immediate results and consequences.

Host and actress Maripier Morin was accused of sexual harassment and racism by the singer Safia Nolin. In her Instagram publication, she describes in detail a May 2018 evening, even including photos, illustrating the bruises resulting from the gestures of which she accuses Maripier Morin.

The latter responded to the accusations by taking responsibility and announced a professional break to seek professional help.

Singers Alex Nevsy and Kevin Parent have also been charged with coercion and sexual misconduct, respectively. In the case of Nevsky, the accuser is an ex-partner and he decided to share this story publicly, while Kevin Parent was publicly accused on social networks.

In all three cases, these personalities suffered immediate consequences for their professional associations. The Blush, Bonlook, Buick companies have all broken off their partnerships with Maripier Morin. In addition, several productions featuring it are no longer available.

Musicor and Distribution Sélect suspended their collaboration with Alex Nevsky for “an indefinite period”.

The entertainment and touring agency Preste broke all ties with Kevin Parent by denouncing the actions of which he was accused.

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