Is Quebec’s values test useful?

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Since January 1st, 2020, the Quebec government has implemented the value test. But what does it consist of? Is this test useful?

What does this test consist of?
The value test is an examination that immigrants selected by Quebec will be obliged to take. It consists of a series of 20 questions (multiple choice and true-false) on Quebec values. This test must be performed by so-called “economic” immigrants, that is, immigrants who come to Quebec for economic reasons (a job, a better economic future). Thus, people coming to Quebec with refugee status and those who come through family members already settled in the province should not submit to it.

Is this test useful?
We remember that Prime Minister François Legault was in discussions with Ottawa to ensure that the success of this test would be a condition for obtaining permanent residence in Quebec, but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rejected this request. So this test is only symbolic and has no real impact. Especially since the implementation of this test is attributed to a budget of more than $100,000, from our tax money. Moreover, according to the psychologist Marina Doucerain, a test of this kind will not allow better integration of immigrants. Indeed, she mentions that the majority of Quebec immigrants want to integrate, but feel discrimination from members of the dominant culture. According to her, the government should invest in setting up twinning programs to facilitate the integration of those immigrants within the province of Quebec.
So the question arises, is such a test worth it? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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