5 positive news that happened in 2019

1. Canada bans the captivity and the breeding of dolphins and whales
It is in 2019 that Canada finally ends the captivity and the breeding of dolphins and whales for entertainment purposes. Marineland Park and the Vancouver Aquarium now have to change their practices in compliance with Law S-203. This law prohibits the reproduction of cetaceans as well as their captivity for entertainment. These parks can maintain their current cetacean generations but must put an end to their entertainment shows.

2. A group of women offers 1100$ to a waitress
A group of women surely made Brenegan McNulty’s day. This waitress at the Yellowknife’s Nova hotel was offered 1100$ by restaurant guests. This boost will certainly help the mother of a one-year-old.

3. Alzheimer could be detected earlier
An international study discovered that the progression of Alzheimer’s can be detected using a blood test. This test detects a protein more than 10 years before the onset of symptoms.

4. A homeless shelter
For the second year, the former Royal Victoria Hospital is transformed into a shelter for the homeless and their pets. This refuge welcomed more than 1000 visitors last winter. This shelter took action on December 2nd.

5. Canadians helping australians
69 Canadians showed tremendous passion by taking some time from their holidays to go help out and relieve Australians who are suffering from the wildfires that are still ravaging the whole country.

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