The funniest moments of the campaign

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1. The Liberal’s theme song

The poor French translation of the liberal party’s theme song faced a lot of backlash. “one hand up” by the Canadian group The Strumbellas is poorly traduced. This sentence seemed to be translated by “enlève la main” (“take out the hand”) in the French version of the song. This has caused a lot of confused reactions by Canadians on Twitter.

2. MacLeans Debate – May-Trudeau’s handshake

On September 12th, during the first Macleans debate, three of the leaders, Elizabeth May, Jagmeet Singh, and Andrew Scheer strongly denounced Justin Trudeau’s absence. With humour, Elizabeth May shook hands to an absent Justin Trudeau.

3. Maxime Bernier VS Maxime Bernier

In the riding of Beauce, Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada is running against Maxime Bernier. The Rhinoceros party, a satirical party, has found a candidate with the same name to run against the PPC’s leader. 

4. Trudeau and his explanation of reusable water bottles 

During a press conference at Mount Saint-Hilaire, Justin Trudeau has a hard time finding his words, when asked about his plastic consumption. He described his consumption with the words “(his family and him recently started using) paper like drink-box water bottles sort of things”.

5. Jagmeet Singh’s poutine

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jagmeet Singh shared his personal recipe of poutine-pendjab with his Quebec base. “The idea today is to make something that is a mix of cultures. I want to mix the culture of my family, my friends, of Punjab with the Quebecer culture.”

6. Jagmeet Singh’s on Tik Tok

The NDP’s social tactics included signing their leader up on one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Jagmeet Singh lip-syncs to rapper E-40’s Choices, while putting a political spin to it and showcasing issues that he thinks matters. The video spread quickly on all social medias and gained popularity all over the country with 1.3 million views in the first day after its publication.

7. Trudeau and Scheer’s new nicknames

After Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer spoke and argued about their respective parties environmental measures, Jagmeet Singh decided to respectively nickname the two leaders Mr.Delay and Mr.Deny.

8. Scheer and Bernier’s translators

A couple of days later, a French-language debate took place in Gatineau. English speakers were able to follow the broadcast with a translation dubbed version. Many viewers were quick to point out the unique accents of leaders Scheer and Bernier. Scheer’s translator seemed to have a British accent, while Bernier’s had an Australian one.

9. Trudeau mistakes Scheer et Singh

During the English language debate that took place in Gatineau, Justin Trudeau addressed NDP leader Jagmeet Singh as his competition, conservative leader Andrew Scheer. The liberal leader was not the only one to make that mistake, as one of the moderators confused the leaders name a little later in the debate.

10. Blanchet’s one-liners debate. 

Although he didn’t have the same national exposure as most of the other leaders before this campaign, Yves-François Blanchet gained exposure all over the country with his participation to the debates. Here are a couple of the Bloc Québécois’ leader one-liners.

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